Accessories & Components

CBC has designed and developed a variety of accessories and components to help maintain your germ free, gnotobiotic isolator(s) and help maintain a uniform, controlled environment:

Sterilizing Autoclave Cylinders

CBC Standard autocalve sterlizing cylinder. Learn More

Sterilzing Feed Cylinders

CBC feed sterlizing cylinder with collar. Learn More

Sterlizing (Economy) Cylinders

CBC economy autocalve sterlizing cylinder. Learn More

Transfer Cart/Trolley

CBC Transfer Cart/Trolley is designed to safely transport sterilizing cylinders. Learn More

Isolator Filters

Isolator filters. Learn More

Internal Cage Racks

Internal isolator cage racks. Learn More

Transfer Ports

CBC transfer ports for germ free isolator systems. Learn More

Transfer Sleeves

CBC transfer sleeves. Learn More

100% Silicone Transfer Port Bands

100% Silicone inside port cap bands. Learn More

Port Caps

CBC port caps with and with flanges and with and without nipples. Learn More

Patent Clamp

CBC patent clamp. Learn More

Precut DW4 Filter Media

CBC precut DW4 filter media save time and material. Learn More

Precut Mylar Discs

CBC precut mylar discs save time and material. Learn More


CBC economy autocalve sterlizing cylinder. Learn More

Hypalon/CSM Gloves

Hypalon gloves. Learn More

Glove Ring Kits

8 inch and 4 inch glove ring kits. Learn More

Optional Alarm

Otional Isolator Alarm. Learn More

Optional Adjustable Height Frame

CBC's optional adjustable height frame for double-tier isolators. Learn More