Flexible-Film Decon Chambers

Flexible-Film Decontamination Chambers

Designed to decontaminate small items such as scales and microscopes.

Flexible film decontamination chamber.

The decontamination chamber's connectors can be modified to adapt to your existing sterlizing equipment.

Flexible Film Decontamination Chambers

The CBC Decon Chamber is designed to decontaminate small items such as scales and microscopes

  • The unit is mobile so it can be moved from room/lab to lab.
  • The unit can be built to work with various sterilants such as VHP, chlorine dioxide and ethylene oxide. The system can be designed to work with Steris, Bioquell, ClorDiSys and sterilizing equipment from other companies.
  • The unit size is customizable. Can be made to accommodate IVC racks.
  • The units are made out of strong 20 mil urethane film.
  • Options include gloves for manipulating products inside the unit during deconing, and humidity generator, heating pad, temperature and humidity gauge.

NOTE: For use with chlorine dioxide, the chamber will be made of a black vinyl to prevent the gas being broken down by UV light.

CBC decontamination chambers are made out of strong 20 mil urethane film, have a gas tight zipper door and are available in a variety of customizable sizes to meet your specific need.

CBC decontamination chamber with door closed.
CBC decontamination chamber with door open.

Flexible Film Cleanrooms

CBC flexible film cleanrooms.

Pictured above is a positive pressure, flexible film (softwall) cleanroom that is totally contained. It is designed to provide a completely controlled production environment so chronic studies do not have to be started over due to contamination of control or test specimens.

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Containment Units

CBC containment unit.

Pictured above is a negative pressure, flexible film (softwall) containment unit that is totally contained. It is designed to be a necropsy room, with enough space for a necropsy table, waterline, discharge collection and pass in/out transfer port (restricted access barrier unit).

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Internal cage racks.

Internal Cage Racks

Replacement germ-free isolator canopies for existing frames and filter systems. Custom sizes using CBC's unique lap seam seal process!

Stainless steel and acrylic transfer ports.

Transfer Ports

Above photo is a stainless steel transfer port (Inset photo shows transfer port made in acrylic.). Standard sizes are 12", 18" and 24" diameters.

Sterlizing autoclave cylinders.

Sterilizing/Autoclave Cylinders

CBC autoclave sterilizing cylinders for animal research (feed, water, bedding, cages, etc...). Custom sizes available to meet autoclave and shelf requirements.