Pig Tub Isolators

Pig Tub, Flexible Film Isolators

For Gnotobiotic, Microbiome,
Microbial, Altered Schaedler Flora and Other Research That Requires a Controlled Environment

Positive pressure pig tub isolator.

Pictured above is a Positive Pressure, Germ-Free, Flexible Film Pig Tub Isolator.

Available as either positive pressure or negative pressure!

Lap seam sealing process for extra durability. Durable 20 mil vinyl isolator with stainless steel construction. Includes Stainless steel feeder trays with tubes so piglets can be fed without reaching into stall, stainless steel removable floor grates and stainless steel divider panels (allow one large stall or up to four individual stalls), and more. Also includes Mega CBC glove extensions for maximum reach, better worker dexterity and less stress on isolator.

Positive Pressure Pig Tub Isolator: Product protection is provided using positive pressure isolators. Positive pressure isolators create pressurized chambers in which the air pressure inside the chamber is greater than the ambient room pressure. In the event of a breach, the air inside the isolator will be pushed out keeping contaminants out of the isolator, hence protecting the product inside the unit.

Negative Pressure Pig Tub Isolator: Personnel protection and product containment is provided using negative pressure isolators. With negative pressure isolators the air is pulled out of the isolator, which creates a lower pressure inside the chamber than the ambient room pressure. An external frame is needed to prevent the chamber from collapsing. In the event of a breach, the surrounding room air is pulled into the isolator preventing any product inside the isolator from leaving the isolator (often called a containment isolator).

New Larger size isolator also available - (Click here)

Each CBC Flexible Film Canopy is Marked With its Own Unique Serial Number and Manufacture Date to Ensure Traceability and Better Customer Support.

Serial number and manufacture date help ensure traceability and better customer service.

When you buy one of our gnotobiotic isolator systems or just a canopy, your canopy will be marked with its own unique serial number and manufacture date. Should you ever have a issue with the canopy (or need a replacement) CBC can trace your canopy back to the exact specs previously ordered. The same for replacement canopies for existing frames and filter systems.

Better Customer Service

  • Traceability.
  • Faster replacement.
  • More accurate replacement.

Improved Living Environment

airflow diagram

Lower inlet port and upper outlet port can easily handle warm, moist air. Combined with our standard 5" filters (vs. competitive 3" filters), this design provides greater airflow and improves isolator's living environment.

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Durable Construction

CBC Lap seam seal manufacturing process is more durable then single seam designs.

The polyurethane material used in our softwall isolators, cleanrooms and containment units is almost indestructible and helps ensure against contamination due to accidental puncture or tear. What's more, our lap seam sealing process is more durable than single seam seals.

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replacement canopies for gnotobiotic isolators.

Replacement Canopies

Replacement germ-free isolator canopies for existing frames and filter systems. Custom sizes using CBC's unique lap seam seal process!

5 inch diameter filters for better air flow.

Isolator Filters

CBC's 5" diameter isolator filters with lower inlet ports and upper outlet ports provide greater air flow. 3" diameter filters also available.

Autoclave sterlizing cylinders.

Sterilizing/Autoclave Cylinders

CBC autoclave sterilizing cylinders for animal research (feed, water, bedding, cages, etc...). Custom sizes available to meet autoclave and shelf requirements.