Replacement Isolator Canopies

Flexible Film, Replacement Canopies

For Gnotobiotic, Microbiome,
Microbial, Altered Schaedler Flora and Other Research That Requires a Controlled Environment

replacement canopy for flexible film isolators with lap seam seal technology.

Pictured above is a 5' x 2'x 2' positive pressure germ free isolator canopy with glove ports, glove extensions, gloves and an 18" round transfer port.

Replacement Germ-Free Isolator Canopies for Existing Frames and Filter Systems. Custom Sizes Using CBC's Unique Lap Seam Seal Process!

Lap seam sealing process for extra durability.CBC will make you a durable 20 mil vinyl or polyurethane replacement canopy to fit your existing germ-free isolator frame, filter system and port size.

Our polyurethane material is almost indestructible and our "lap seam" sealing process is more durable than single seam seals used by some competitors. Our detailed craftsmanship helps protect both personnel and product from accidental contamination - because your research and reputation should not be compromised!

We will be happy to give you a quote but first we'll need to know a few specifics:

  • What are the dimensions and type (positive or negative pressure) of your existing canopy and table?
  • Filter attachment size and placement on the canopy.
  • Type and number of glove ports (if any) and location.
  • With or without glove extensions?
  • Size and style of transfer port.

Once your information is in our system, reorders will be simple and convenient.

Standard Sizes:

  • 5' x 2' x 2'
  • 4' x 2' x 2'
  • 3' x 2' x 2'
  • 30" x 2' x 2'
  • Custom Sizes.

Each CBC Flexible Film Canopy is Marked With its Own Unique Serial Number and Manufacture Date to Ensure Traceability and Better Customer Support.

Serial number and manufacture date help ensure traceability and better customer service.

When you buy one of our gnotobiotic isolator systems or just a canopy, your canopy will be marked with its own unique serial number and manufacture date. Should you ever have a issue with the canopy (or need a replacement) CBC can trace your canopy back to the exact specs previously ordered. The same for replacement canopies for existing frames and filter systems.

Better Customer Service

  • Traceability.
  • Faster replacement.
  • More accurate replacement.

CBC Glove Extensions

CBC glove port Glove Extensions provide better worker dexterity and help reduce stress on isolators at critical seam areas.

CBC glove port Glove Extensions provide better worker dexterity and help reduce stress on isolators at critical seam areas.

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Durable Construction

CBC Lap seam seal manufacturing process is more durable then single seam designs.

The polyurethane material used in our softwall isolators, cleanrooms and containment units is almost indestructible and helps ensure against contamination due to accidental puncture or tear. What's more, our lap seam sealing process is more durable than single seam seals.

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Transfer ports in stainless steel or acrylic.

Transfer Ports

Above photo is a stainless steel transfer port (Inset photo shows transfer port made in acrylic.). Standard sizes are 12", 18" and 24" diameters.

5 inch diameter filters for better air flow.

Isolator Filters

CBC's 5" diameter isolator filters with lower inlet ports and upper outlet ports provide greater air flow. 3" diameter filters also available.

Autoclave sterlizing cylinders.

Sterilizing/Autoclave Cylinders

CBC autoclave sterilizing cylinders for animal research (feed, water, bedding, cages, etc...). Custom sizes available to meet autoclave and shelf requirements.