Flexible Film Isolators

CBC Flexible Film (Softwall) Isolators Are Durable and Economical

Quality Built to Protect Both Research & Researchers

CBC offers economical, flexible-film (softwall) isolators for germ-free, gnotobiotic animal research to provide a sterile or microbially-controlled laboratory environment. They are manufacturered to provide controlled barrier and containment to protect both personnel and product.   Since 1978!

Controlled environments for animal research including germ free, gnotobiotic, microbiome and microbial studies.

Class Biologically Clean.

Maximize Lab Space and Maximize Your Budget

If you're a researcher with a specific need, give CBC a call. We custom design germ-free, gnotobiotic isolators to meet unique space and research requirements at a price that won't break your budget. Since 1978


CBC's lap seam sealing process is more durable than single seam seals and helps protect both personnel and product from accidental contamination.

Price & Value

CBC manufactures germ-free, gnotobiotic isolators to meet unique space and research requirements at a price that won't break your budget.

Custom Sizes & Designs

We work closely with our customers to design and manufacture flexible film, germ-free isolators, cleanrooms and containment units to fit unique lab space specifications, and to provide the needed security and protection required.

Made in the United States

We've been manufacturing high quality, flexible film (softwall) isolators for universities, researchers and germ-free animal producers since 1978


CBC is customer focused. We listen to our customers and make ongoing product modifications and improvements to address research needs and product performance concerns whenever possible.

Quality Commitment

The management and staff of Class Biologically Clean, Ltd. are dedicated to the continued improvement of our design and manufacturing processes. We understand the need for vigilant quality control to meet our customers' exacting specifications to help ensure the integrity of their research and/or controlled production.

  • Lap seam sealing process for extra durability.
CBC Products
CBC positive pressure isolator system.

Flexible Film Isolator Systems

CBC's durable, flexible film (softwall), germ-free, gnotobiotic isolator systems are designed to offer researchers complete environmental control. Positive or negative pressure isolator units available. Stock and custom sizes. Durable lap seam seal construction.

CBC Containment Unit.

Cleanrooms & Containment Units

Totally contained, flexible-film cleanrooms & containment units (chambers are completely enclosed). Positive pressure cleanrooms can be maintained at all levels of control, from conventional to SPF (Specific pathogen-free). Negative pressure containment units for containing highly pathogenic organisms or potent compounds. Lap seam seal construction.

CBC Sterlizing Cylinders for autoclaving supplies.

Accessories & Components

CBC has designed and developed a variety of accessories and components to help maintain your isolator and maintain a uniform, controlled environment, including: autoclave sterilizing cylinders, filters, internal cage racks, port caps, port clamp, transfer port bands and more.