Germ-Free Shipper Sleeve

Germ-Free Shipper Sleeve

Designed to preserve the germfree health status of animals (mice and rats) during shipping. A Great Value!

CBC Offers Germfree Shipper Sleeves for Transporting Mice and Rats!

Lap seam sealing process for extra durability.These Germfree Shipper Sleeves are designed to safeguard your animal's health status during shipping. The shipper is a large, sterilized, flexible vinyl sleeve with filtered openings and an accompanying corrugated cardboard shipping case.

Outer shipping carton is IATA approved.

Germfree Shipper Sleeves Product Attributes:

  • The "sleeve" measures approximately 12 inches in diameter and 3 1/2 feet in length.
  • NEW - Removable mylar ring resized to fit 12" isolator ports. If you have 18" ports, don't worry, we can still accommodate you!
  • Uses DW4 Filter Media.
  • NEW - Wire mesh protects all filter media.
  • NEW - On the "end filter ring" the filter media is surrounded on both sides with wire mesh to prevent damage to the filter media caused from sliding cages or outside dangers.
  • NEW - Extra padding and packaging for shipping box to better protect sleeve.
  • NEW - Larger top oval filter ring for better ventilation and to reduce condensation build-up.
  • It comes with three (3) cages (11 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 5") that can fit in the sleeve.
  • Cage lids snap on for safer and more secure transporting.
  • Durable, lap seam sealing construction.
  • NEW - Sleeve interior is sterilized with ethylene oxide gas* (comes with multiple sterilization indicator labels). * In-house for greater control.
  • NEW - Sleeve comes with one 1" nipple and stopper for easy sterilizing when connecting to the transfer port.
  • Mylar and filter rings are made of durable polyurethane (not cardboard) so they are stronger and will not absorb moisture.
  • Comes with a corrugated cardboard shipping case.
  • Shipper comes complete with all required shipping labels.
  • EU version is available.

Easy Transfer Port Connection

CBC Germ-free shipper sleeve with close-up of transfer port nipple.

Sleeve comes with one 1" nipple and stopper for easy sterilizing when connecting to the transfer port.

Durable Construction

CBC Germ-free shipper sleeve with close-up of protective wire mesh used to keep filter media safe from damage.

CBC has added wire mesh to protect filter media from damage (wire mesh on both sides of end filter ring.).

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