Double-Tier Isolators

Double-Tier, Flexible Film Isolators (Starter Lab)

For Gnotobiotic, Microbiome,
Microbial, Altered Schaedler Flora and Other Research That Requires a Controlled Environment

Pictured above is a Positive Pressure, Double-Tier, Germ-Free, Flexible Film Isolator System.

Lap seam sealing process for extra durability.

Double-Tier Flexible Film (Softwall) Isolator "Starter" Labs Ensure Compatibility, Quality Control, Quicker Installation, Better Traceability & Easier Reorders.

Double-Tier Saves Valuable Lab Space.

Positive or Negative Pressure Isolator Units

Double-Tier flexible film isolator "Starter Lab" includes:

CBC gnotobiotic isolator starter lab.
  • 1 ½” steel powder coated single shelf frame to prevent bending or warping.
  • HDPE tabletop with inserts for attaching isolator components.
  • Two-way locking wheels.
  • 5/8" PVC hold-down rod and SS clamps.
  • Blower and manifold system.
  • (2) 20 mil vinyl isolators.
  • (2) 20 mil urethane floor mat protectors for inside the isolator.
  • (2) 3/8" closed cell foam pad for under isolator.
  • (2) complete 5" diameter inlet filters & (2) complete 5" diameter outlet filters (includes filter media, filter covers, rubber bands and clamps). Note: Lower inlet port and upper outlet port can easily handle warm, moist air. Combined with our standard 5" filters (vs. competitive 3" filters), this design provides greater airflow and improves the isolator’s living environment.
  • (4) 2" neoprene stoppers.
  • (2) Transfer ports (size & type to your specifications)*.
  • (2) Port to isolator neoprene bands and clamps for sealing isolator to transfer port.
  • (2) each of inside and outside transfer port caps.
  • (2) Patent clamps for attaching outside port cap to transfer port.
  • (2) inside rubber band for attaching inside transfer port cap.
  • (2) pairs of 12" diameter/8"glove port CBC glove extensions for better worker dexterity and less stress on isolator. (Note: Available without.)
  • (2) pairs of 15 mil Hypalon/CSM Dry Box Gloves with glove ring kit for attaching gloves to isolator (other types available).
  • (4) 1" neoprene stoppers (other types available).
  • (4) internal racks that can accommodate up to nine mouse cages each.
  • (2) Sterilizing Cylinder (size & type to your specifications).
  • (1) Double-tier sterilizing cylinder transfer cart/trolley with two-way locking wheels.
  • (2) Transfer sleeves for connecting sterilizing cylinder to transfer port.
  • (1) roll of Mylar film.
  • (6) rolls Mylar tape.
  • (1) Atomizer, hose, compressor and cart.
  • (6) rolls yellow vinyl tape.
  • (1) set of inside and outside replacement port caps.
  • (1) replacement transfer sleeve.
  • (1) TransDisk™.
  • (1) roll vinyl patch tape.

Conduct Two Different Experiments At One Time With CBC's Flexible Film, Double-Tier Isolator System!

Maximize Use of Limited Laboratory Space — Each isolator runs independently from each other isolator so you can have two different experiments/tests going on at one time.

Each CBC Flexible Film Canopy is Marked With its Own Unique Serial Number and Manufacture Date to Ensure Traceability and Better Customer Support.

Serial number and manufacture date help ensure traceability and better customer service.

When you buy one of our gnotobiotic isolator systems or just a canopy, your canopy will be marked with its own unique serial number and manufacture date. Should you ever have a issue with the canopy (or need a replacement) CBC can trace your canopy back to the exact specs previously ordered. The same for replacement canopies for existing frames and filter systems.

Better Customer Service

  • Traceability.
  • Faster replacement.
  • More accurate replacement.

Improved Living Environment

5 inch diameter filters provide better airflow.

Lower inlet port and upper outlet port can easily handle warm, moist air. Combined with our standard 5" filters (vs. competitive 3" filters), this design provides greater airflow and improves isolator's living environment.

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Durable Construction

CBC Lap seam seal manufacturing process is more durable then single seam designs.

The polyurethane material used in our softwall isolators, cleanrooms and containment units is almost indestructible and helps ensure against contamination due to accidental puncture or tear. What's more, our lap seam sealing process is more durable than single seam seals.

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replacement canopies for gnotobiotic isolators.

Replacement Canopies

Replacement germ-free isolator canopies for existing frames and filter systems. Custom sizes using CBC's unique lap seam seal process!

5 inch diameter filters for better air flow.

Isolator Filters

CBC's 5" diameter isolator filters with lower inlet ports and upper outlet ports provide greater air flow. 3" diameter filters also available.

Autoclave sterlizing cylinders.

Sterilizing/Autoclave Cylinders

CBC autoclave sterilizing cylinders for animal research (feed, water, bedding, cages, etc...). Custom sizes available to meet autoclave and shelf requirements.